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Before the World Wakes

“Echoing the poetic quality of Laure’s prose, Zakimi’s watercolor, pencil, and gouache images are luminous with pale hues that communicate a tender innocence.” ―Publishers Weekly

“The poetic text and charming pictures celebrate a special time and universal feelings.” ―Booklist

A joyous celebration of the sights and sounds of daybreak and that special feeling a brother and sister have when they get to experience it together.

When everything is still gentle and quiet-ish and the stars say good morning at the same time they say good night, a brother and sister venture outside. They marvel at the dance of the snails and the birdsong that surrounds them. And then they join in, reveling in the early morning—and their time together before the rest of the world wakes.

With lyrical language and beautiful art, this book captures the magic of daybreak, the importance of small moments, and the special bond between siblings.

Illustrations by Paola Zakimi

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The Perfect Pet for YOU!

A whimsical meditation for little animal lovers on finding an animal companion who will be more than just a pet.

Hey there! Are you looking for a pet? Don’t rush or panic. Let’s think...

Do you want someone to snuggle when you’re afraid? One who is quiet and slow, or one who will talk to you? There’s so much to consider when choosing a new pet that it can be almost overwhelming!

Each person is unique and so is every animal. In this gentle guide to finding the perfect pet, Estelle Laure asks childlike questions to help readers consider. Amy Hevron’s warm acrylic on wood illustrations makes each pet feel lovable—especially the bat, the snake, and the spider! This is a book that encourages self-reflection, human individuality, and animal friendship.

Illustrations by Amy Hevron

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